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SEO fundamentals & concepts

SEO fundamentals & concepts

Search Engine Optimizations plays a crucial role in running your online website. Whether you hire a SEO professional or outsource this work to a SEO company, some things should be kept in mind. In this article, you will learn some basic points of SEO. Here you go:

On-site SEO

If you have some knowhow of the SEO, you must have heard the term “on-site SEO”. It refers to optimizing your website according to SEO guidelines. The first thing that is imperative in on-site optimization is your content. Some people over do the optimization by filling their content with keywords. However, this act is considered as spamming and you can be penalized for this. Therefore, it is better to use just 4-5 keywords on each page of your content. For the keyword selection, you can use the top keywords or if you have no idea how to generate keywords use the tools to generate phrases and keywords.

Title tags and meta description

Besides this, you need to use unique title tags and meta description for every page of your website. Through title tags, the visitors will get to know the title of your page and thus it will become easier for them to know about your service or products. On the other hand, using unique title tags will let the internet crawlers to identify your website more conveniently.

Internal linking

Apart from it, you need to link different web pages through links. This act is called internal linking and it is very helpful in doing SEO. Whenever, a visitor is reading our content on one page, he will be able to see the link of another page and there are chances that he might click on the link. If this process goes on, the visitor will be able to see the entire website at once.


In addition to this, you need to add images to your website. This is a part of doing SEO. As far as the image names are considered, use keyword rich names for it. On the other hand, people love to watch images. Visitors will find your website dull and boring if it just has content and no images. So, add attraction to your website through images.

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