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SEO friendly website design guidelines

SEO friendly website design guidelines

 For making professional looking, well designed website will not ensure that your website receives huge amount of traffic. For getting traffic, you need to build SEO friendly website.

Search engine optimization introduces to improve website visibility as well as ranking in SE’s pages.

It is an important part to increase your online presence. If you use SEO correctly, you can increase ranking and traffic.  Generally people like to search top ten results and not likely to go ahead. Thus to get our keyword on first page. You should work on SEO for your website. When people think about SEO Usually they think about copy and paste content to others sites but this is a wrong way of prediction. SEO is no longer just link building. For now content marketing is used .Creating unique and awesome content for your website continues updated blog in your website is best for gaining traffic.

Here few essential things that makes your website more SEO friendly

Static URL are Used

Website URL should be SEO friendly, otherwise it won’t rank well. I am explaining you by example like is an dynamic URL user can’t understand site’s inner page and services. but by

URL people can easily get their services and easily get the idea about website. So always try to navigate page via category wise. Too many categories are also problematic for getting. Same as in URL never use underscore to separate keyword, always use hyphen for that.

Include Social Media Icon to Your Website

Social media plays wide role in gaining traffic. These days facebook, pinterest, twitter, google+, instagram, and many amazing social media site are used. Thus add icon of all these social sites to your website and linked up with these pages such as or

Image Optimization

Image shows what services you are providing or which type of company you have since people prefer to see images more than content. So for user’s point of view image should be there in website and for search engine point of view alternate text is used if sometime due to internet speed website and images is not loaded immediately and in between text present their image description. Thus crawler can crawl website and come up in searches.

Flash and Frame Should Not Used

Too much use of flashes on any website can distract visitors as well as affect your ranking. If flash elements are available, it will be more difficult for search engine’s to crawl. So be careful of using this element on your website.

Moreover, by making your web site more SEO perspective, business person can see their company’s website visibility on high. After few essential changes after a week you can see affect of your site’s ranking

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