Friday, January 14, 2022

Optimizing blog posts for SEO

Optimizing blog posts for SEO

Optimizing your blog post may seem difficult if you are unaware of the right tactics of optimization. Some experts of search engine optimization can do this work well. This article will teach you the secrets that these professionals use for optimizing their blog posts. Here you go:

Give time to research

The first thing, which is essential to make your blog post worth reading, is to add quality content in it. For this, you need to do a lot of research. Tell readers what they do not know and try giving as much information as you can. This information should not be wordy and boring. Apart from it, do your research by keeping the target audience in mind.

Add relevant keywords

The next thing is to add keywords on your post. You should be smart in the selection and usage of keywords. As far as the selection is concerned, it should be based on both short tail and long tail keywords. Gone are the days when only single phrases were used as keywords. Today, professionals give preference to long tail phrases as makes it easier for optimization. However, it should be kept in mind that the usage of keywords should only be one to two percent. This is the ideal keyword density as Google has changed the ranking criteria and now the highest rank is given to those who provide the highest quality.


If you are a blogger by profession, you must be aware of the fact that people love to watch images. If your blog post only has content, it will look dull and boring. To add some attractiveness to it, you should add some bright and attractive images. In addition to those, use keywords in the alternate text field of the images. This will help in optimization and the images will help in making your post lively.

Use social media

Besides using the above tips, you should also use social media for linking your blog. Try putting status related to your blog and do not forget to give a link over there. Besides this, keep the audience in interaction and tell them about your future topics.

Many SEO Services companies provide the best blog post optimization, you can take help if you want a profession to do this work.  You can also search for the top seo company or take help from seo consulting firm to make your posts more SEO friendly.

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