Thursday, January 13, 2022

Everlasting SEO tools free

Everlasting SEO tools free

The internet is our information highway and whenever we need information about anything small or big our first step would be to perform a search about it on search engines. Search engine optimization or SEO is an elaborate process that can be time consuming and very demanding. There are a few everlasting tools that never expires and some Free Tools that are available online to simplify this process and enhance Traffic Optimization.

Here are some Free Everlasting Tools for search engine optimization:

Spider Simulator – This is one of the most important SEO tools. This tool is useful when your website is done using javascript or Flash. In these cases the information the site carries will not be available to the search engine spider and this tool will give you a glimpse of how the website appears to the spider. So if your site is javascript or flash based its content can still be indexed by the search engine using this tool.

Robots.txt generator – This is a useful tool too. When you have a particular page or directory that you do not want to display when your site is searched a robot.txt file can be used. Omitting entire directories manually is very laborious and involves a lot of Analysis and for this these generators come in handy. Many of the generators use the names of directories as parameters and then look for your website and add the files under those directories to the robots.txt file.

Domain age checker – The age of a certain domain name is used by the search engine to index search results. Most search engines prefer old domains to new and it would be sensible to use this tool before purchasing a domain.

Keyword optimizer – This is the most preferred tool for today’s web developers. It requires a lot of Analysis and can be tedious to work with large lists of keywords. It is easy to make an error and in these cases it will return a sub-optimal search engine ranking. This tool searches the list of keywords, excludes duplicates and lists them again in alphabetical order. This is an ideal way to maximize Traffic Optimization.

Keyword typo or keyword misspelling tools – When we type in a hurry we misspell words. Thus when you type keywords in search engines common misspellings are returned. You can use these misspellings in keyword lists because some people who mistype will also be able to view your site in the index.

Other SEO tools are the domain typo tool that works similar to the keyword typo tool and page rank look up tool that watches over the Ranking of your website and works towards improving your Website Statistics.

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